Is Sony Close to Announcing the a7 IV?


Is Sony Close to Announcing the a7 IV?

by Andy Day

Is Sony Close to Announcing the a7 IV?

We’re now well past three years since the a7 III was announced, and Sony has just registered a new camera body, sparking another round of excitement. Is the a7 IV finally upon us?

With the a7 III, Sony’s “basic” full frame model fixed many of the issues that previously caused many to hold back in making the jump to mirrorless. Its successor is greatly anticipated, especially as the a7S III, with its fully articulating screen, gave a hint of what the Japanese giant might have in store with its new camera.

The widely-respected Nokishita posted news of Sony registering “WW734234” with an overseas certification body, and as The New Camera suggests, its use of the 5.1Ghz Wi-Fi Module hints that it will be a full frame camera.

That leaves us to guess that the a7 IV might arrive in the not-too-distant future, no doubt triggering a round of speculation as to what Sony has decided to include in the updated body. A small bump to the resolution to differentiate it from the a7C might be in order, though I’ll be interested to see if the rear display outdoes that seen on the recently-released a1.

Is the a7 IV approaching? Let us know your expectations in the comments below.


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