Fstoppers Reviews the Godox ML60 Handheld LED Light


Fstoppers Reviews the Godox ML60 Handheld LED Light

The Godox ML60 light gives you a whole lot of features that can really improve your lighting when you’re a run and gun type of shooter, or want constant light on location. I mean, it can run on a battery, and has a handle.

The handle has a thread so you can mount it onto any regular stand. It has a slot for an umbrella-type light modifier, which I prefer to regular soft-box mounts that need to have the correct fit to work together.

Included in the kit they sent me, I got color gels, a remote, a modifier, and power cable. The batteries were not included, but any two generic NP-F970 batteries will light up your world.

Fstoppers Reviews the Godox ML60 Handheld LED Light

Fstoppers Reviews the Godox ML60 Handheld LED Light

It Packs Light

There is no separate cable-connected battery pack you need to carry around. There’s no midway controller box that needs to be packed and lugged around as well. It’s a light with a standard reflector, that fits into the small bag snug. It weighs 1.7 lbs (0.77 kg) without any fixtures.

The Technicalities

It has 60 Watts of light, which is probably where the name comes from.

There is a fan that starts when you push the light’s power past 60%. It’s supposed to give you complete silence when you’re shooting, but I must say, the fan is basically unnoticeable, and I can’t imagine it interfering with any audio being recorded on set.

Fstoppers Reviews the Godox ML60 Handheld LED Light

The Quality of Light

This is essentially the real reason for buying a light. You want to improve your photography and/or video production. This LED light, when fitted with the light modifier, has a hotspot in the middle, like most LED lights. It’s well-balanced, and the fall-off is pleasing. I didn’t compare the power output with the Apurture light I have, but I did look at the shape and hotspot formed by both when they have the same power output. When compared to the Apurture, the shape and quality, in my opinion, is very similar.

Fstoppers Reviews the Godox ML60 Handheld LED Light

Fstoppers Reviews the Godox ML60 Handheld LED Light

Things To Shed Some Light On

The light also has eight preset lighting effects, so you can simulate lightning, the paparazzi, a TV, and a broken bulb to add some differently lit scenarios to your arsenal.

What Makes It Better than Their competitor, Aputure?

If you want to compare lights, you’ll do so with the Aputure Amaran. The bottom line is, that not only will you pay $90 less, you’ll also be able to use the light anywhere with charged batteries if you go with the Godox ML60, though the Aputure light is more powerful.

What I Liked

I think having a battery-powered light that has enough power for video production where you need to light a few people is great. This light does that. I like the fact that it packs so light and compact. The bag isn’t even a quarter of the size of an Apurture C300D Stormkit light I have.  

What I Didn’t Like

They’re really thinking about the user, so they made a Velcro strap that carries the adapter box that links the power cable to the light itself if you’re running off a plug. This works great if you’re still moving the light around by hand, but this adapter could’ve been designed to fit inside the lamp, or inside the handle. I suppose that’s not possible because the product gets shipped all over the world. Power outputs aren’t the same everywhere, so it’s easier for them this way, but it would’ve been nice.  


What I was not able to test, because I didn’t have the batteries, is whether the batteries charge using the same cable that powers the light, while it’s plugged in at the studio. It would be great if that was the case. It honestly seems like Godox is aiming to give photographers and videographers good value for money with their products. The ML60 is one of their latest releases, and has the latest ergonomic design and features that the modern-day creator, producer, videographer, and indie-film makers need.

We used the light as a fill for a personal project. The key was the Aputure Light Storm C300d Mark II. The softbox we used was broken, but did what we needed it to do. 

Fstoppers Reviews the Godox ML60 Handheld LED Light

Fstoppers Reviews the Godox ML60 Handheld LED Light

Fstoppers Reviews the Godox ML60 Handheld LED Light

If you’re in the market for a light, or you’re just getting started in moving pictures, this is a great light to go for.


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