Fine art wedding photography

Digital photography has opened up new creative possibilities for people. Now anyone with a modern camera or smartphone can create their own photo stories. In addition to capturing the moment in photography, many modern photographers are interested in bringing their own vision, becoming the artist of the moment. In this case, we can talk about such a direction of creativity as fine-art photography.

What should you look for when creating fine-art work?

Artist’s vision and idea

Before starting the process of photographing, you should decide in advance what message each photograph will carry, what thoughts and feelings it should evoke in future viewers.

Fine-art photography can cover anything from complex political issues or social issues to cute pets. It will be important how the photographer and the artist in one person will reveal it, whether he can surprise the audience, not leave it indifferent.

A fineart photographer acts like an artist. He thinks over the composition and focuses attention on the details necessary to achieve harmony. Each such photographer-artist can shoot both on film and digital. Choose a staged photo or reportage. Under the general aesthetics of fine art, masters with very different views of the process can be combined.

Fine art wedding photography

In my opinion, this style is just made for wedding photography. It allows you to create a stylish and light picture, which will have a lot of softness and air. After all, it is air and color that are so valued in film photography. Fine art and weddings share a common aesthetic that is associated with words such as softness, naturalness, tenderness, pastel. They are combined in mood and uniformity of attention to the portraits of the couple, reportage shots and decor. My clients want to get light shots, usually without even knowing about fine art. They listen to their own sense of beauty and artistic taste.

Fine art is art photography, and reportage is event-driven. They can be combined by inviting a photographer who shoots a reportage, but has his own artistic vision. You can get 2 in 1. Every wedding photographer who works with fine art is an esthete.

Fine art is not necessarily a light photograph taken on film with a soft focus. In fine art, in my opinion, the photographer primarily pays attention to the artistry of photography, and in reportage the main thing is the moment. But, in fact, there are no clear boundaries. Moreover, in wedding photography. It’s cool when fine art has a moment and emotion, and just as cool when a reportage contains not only a captured moment, but also artistry.

For several years now, wedding fine art has been the subject of numerous discussions among photographers. Some professionals claim that it is “dead” and static, while others believe that the sincere emotion and fleeting beauty of the moment inherent in fine art is the key to creating the perfect wedding photos.

It is believed that fine art came to the wedding industry through the efforts of the famous American photographer Jose Viya. It was he who first used this term in his work, which made it possible to talk about a specific style and highlight individual characteristic features.

The task of fine art is not just to capture the moment at the wedding, but to try to create a work of art, coordinate all the details in the frame and, using certain shooting techniques and techniques, make a picture of a distinctive style

I can shoot in completely different styles, but fine art is my love. Especially if you want to show the bride’s morning, ceremony or wedding walk. Fine art is my tool with which I show the femininity and fragility of a girl during training camps. I can show the thrill with which she transforms into a bride. All the beauty of the moment! And when shooting a wedding walk, it is important for me to show the feelings in a couple, sincerity and magic of this day. And fine art is just made for this!

As soon as this style entered my life, there was more air and naturalness in my treatment. In the photographs, an emphasis on decor has appeared, which is very useful in wedding photography, because brides pay a lot of attention to details, thinking over everything to the smallest detail.

I shoot in the fine art style, and it’s rather strange for me why many people think that there is no reporting in this style. If we talk about the style in general, then these are rather light, airy photographs with attention to all the little things and emotions, of course, including.


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